Unit 5J Tomhead Estate, Ramsden Road, Rotherwas, Hereford, HR2 6LR



Frequently Asked Questions.......

How often are your sales?


Every Tuesday evening from 6pm, with viewing from Mid-day.


Where are your sales held?


At our easy-to-find premises on Rotherwas Industrial Estate, Hereford. Just look for the WVA logos!!


When can I bring things in to sell?


Our office is open from Wednesday to Friday, 10am til 4pm for entries & general enquiries.


How much do you charge to sell something for me?


A simple £2.00 per lot entry fee is all we charge! SOLD OR UNSOLD, its an ENTRY FEE, not a commission, unlike other salerooms!


When I buy, how do I pay?


We accept cash only.....cards cost too much to process. By keeping our costs low, we keep your charges low too!


When I buy, how long do I have to collect my items?


Ideally, purchased items should be taken away with you on Tuesday evening. Unless otherwise agreed, ALL purchased items MUST be collected by 4pm Wednesday after the sale.


As a seller, when do I get paid for my items sold?


We pay out on Thursday following a sale. Sell Tuesday, get paid Thursday!


As a seller, how  do I get paid?


We ONLY pay out in cash, so you MUST be able to call to collect your cash!


What about any of my items that didnt sell?


All unsold items MUST be collected or re-entered for another sale by mid-day on the Saturday following the sale. Uncollected unsold items will be disposed of.


What is a "Reserve"?


This is the lowest price we can sell an item for. We can advise sellers on reasonable reserve prices.


What is a "Commission Bid"?


A commission bid is when you allow the auctioneer to bid on your behalf up to your limit if you cannot be at the sale in person.


I have no idea what my item is worth, so how much will it sell for?


Our experienced staff will be able to advise you how much you can realistically expect to get for an item & whether or not to put a reserve on it.